2020 sucked my energy

I know everyone is going through something that 2020 created. Welcome to the club. I have one of the coolest jobs. Either I am having sex or I am doing BTS for others that are having sex. Sex makes people happy. However, life still happens.

I honestly cannot wait until all the vaccines are dished out, stabbed in arms, ears or asses. Just get them done so we may all go to Karaokexxx.com parties. You may check this out on meetup as well. Just get the link, look us up and get your ass to Las Vegas.

Summer time is on its way. When it hits 100+ degrees in Las Vegas, I swear I am going to go drinking and be as inappropriate as possible in public (without getting arrested)

Lets get 2021 kicked in the ass and make it way better than last year. I cannot handle being a kept bitch by the government, disease or any needy man. I need my woman, Rebecca Love at my side to do the bad things we do. To talk about the details on AdultFilmStarNetwork.com.

Lets get this shit show going and make some magic in 2021

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