227 Contracting FSSW

Negotiations and contracts does not mean you must sell a part of your sole.
Renegotiations is not a bad thing.
Do you have it in writing? Did you receive a text? 

FSSW: Full Service Sex Worker
Full Service Slave: consent revoked because the content/money was taken off the table.

  • Super Bowl
  • My Parents Live with me
  • I love dogs
  • Stop Work” is a real thing

@lilpump  Bait and switch  with an escort

  • Warner Records
  • TMZ??

R.Kelly – star-struck bitches or attention whores?
It isn’t your money


Agreed to fuck for a fee, then fee is not paid, whos fault is it?
Agreed to slave for fee / content, not followed through, who’s fault is it? 


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