Free Perks, How does it work?

Are you looking for some free perks?

  • College students on tight finances.
  • Out of the country but are still a fan.
  • Want to do something to stand out and get some special attention?

Time is money, so give your time.

  • Original post on IG, tweet, tumblr or facebook.
    Screen shot and email to me.
  • Review a podcast on iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, etc.
    Screen shot and email to me.
  • Be original with your your ideas and screen shots. It will pay off in the long run. Be sure you get that screen shot.

When I receive the screen shot, you will get a special message with links, pix, or video that only premiums have access too.

Small fee: $5 on the fanclub gets you all of the inside fun on Discord (invite only) when it comes to Topics From The Hat, Movie Premieres, private events. Only the fans get to see the bonus items.

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